Andre Villanueva

Experienced designer & writer


Web designer

I love websites so I went to school to learn how to make them. I also got a CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) certification along the way, and I taught web design (and Photoshop) at a local college. I’m experienced with HTML, CSS, WordPress website administration, and designing for responsiveness and SEO.


Graphic designer

Whenever I go to a store, I seem to always get tempted into buying a product with beautiful packaging design that’s otherwise useless to me. Witnessing inspiring design in my daily journeys always enlivens my spirit. No wonder I enjoy design so much. I crave the rewarding puzzle-play of grid-based InDesign work.


Photoshop expert

I’ve written hundreds of tutorials and articles for magazines such as Advanced Photoshop and Photoshop Creative. I’m labeled an “expert” in my articles, but Photoshop is a bottomless pit and I’m constantly learning new things. It’s hard to know everything… but I’m trying to digest as much as I can.



I fondly recall writing and illustrating my own Choose Your Own Adventure “book” on folded sheets of paper. This was in the third or fourth grade? I’m still writing decades later, pushing SEO for companies with blog writing and educating Photoshop users the world over with feature articles and tutorials.

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