Andre Villanueva

Designer. Freelance writer. Photoshop nut.

Years of design experience

Published articles and artwork

Cover art

Pair of signature headphones

I’m a Photoshop zealot.

I fell in love with digital imaging and design while studying in the Webmaster program at a local college in the early 2000s.


After graduating, I taught budding designers for five years while honing my skills as in-house designer.

I’m now art director for a tech company.

Most importantly, I’m a proud father and husband.

I’m addicted to adjectives. And music.

I relish collages, on and off the computer.

Art fuels my existence.

My writing and art have appeared in publications such as: Photoshop Creative, Layers, Advanced Photoshop, Somerset Digital Studio, Practical Photoshop, The Photoshop CS6 Book, The Professional Photoshop Book, The Digital Art Book, The Adobe CC Book, The Photoshop Elements Book, Photoshop for Beginners, and Exploring Web Design.

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