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Andre’s big 4-0 party!

I’m calling upon my allies to aid me in the struggle against my archnemeses: Old Age and Senility.
Though the war is almost certainly lost, let’s band together against these forces of evil and make one last show of bold defiance.

August 20, 2016 – 5PM to ???

1110 Amberley Woods Drive, Helena, AL 35080



Andre's house

Battle for Helena

The Battle for Zendikar spills into Helena! A 6-player intro pack free-for-all will determine once and for all if the Zendikarians reclaim their lands or if the Eldrazi devour all.

The community card box will be here to help you round out your decks.

The winner will receive an old-school Scourge starter deck.

Elderly Moon

In the face of overwhelming odds, unlikely allies stand their ground to save Innistrad from plane-wide corruption at the hands (er, tentacles) of Emrakul, the Promised End.

Each participant will create a 40-card deck from Eldritch Moon booster packs. Lands will be provided.

The winner will receive a Funko Liliana Vess figure.

Bring your Modern decks for additional gaming. We might even try some EDH if everyone can get a deck assembled.

I’m open to suggestions. We can also do non-Magic things.

Let’s have fun!

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